Manage Payroll On Your Finger Tips

Key Features

100% Compatible with all Finger Print machines.

Say good bye to manual salary calculation & making.

Manage Loan, Advance Structure as per Employee

Comprehensive Report

No Renewal Charges

AMC Available

General & Flexible Features

Manage your employee attendance without worry

Our payroll software 100% Compatible with all Finger Print machines. .

You can import data from any punching machines exported excel file.

Availibility of manual punch.

You can check sync log file details as per punching details with date & time.

Easy to Attach employee complete details with finger print machine user id.

Smart & quick for setup

It is easy to setup salary structure as per designation.

Easy to setup OT as per designation

Easy to setup leave as per designation

Easy to add holiday list as per year

Manage your employee salary on single click

Automatically calculate monthly salary of employee just an single click.

You can check Absent, Present, Leave days in salary dashboard.

You can check even total deduction & todal earning amount at time making salary.

You can check even total deduction & todal earning amount at time making salary.

You can even take print-out of salary slip of particular employee after .

You can create multiple employee salary slip on single click using Auto Salary Option.

Manage Employee Advance & Loans

Easy to create or manage advance or loan for employee.

Easy to view or print EMI list till date user get loan.

While making salary software will automatically show EMI amount in deduction list for both i.e. Advance & Loan.

User can settle loan or advance at any time using settlement option.

HR Process

Easy to detail about salary process i.e. How HR transfer particular employee salary to his/her account.

HR can add details about promotional of particular employee.

HR can add details about employee resignation.

Design Employee Offer, Promotional & Experience Letters

Easy to Design and Changes Employee Template.

Single Click to Export Offer letter of every employee.

Get Promotional Letter of Employee.

Export Experience Letter on Single Click.

Comprehensive Report

Monthly Attendance Reports

Yearly Attendance Report

Present Report

Absent Report

Late Coming Report

Missing Punch Report

Salary Report

Bonus Report

Loan Report

Advance Report

Leave Report

Employee Report

Promotional Report

Salary Process Report

PF Register Report

ESIC Register Report

All Report user can filter as per account & as per period (Daily, Monthly or Yearly)

Our Benefits

Reduce workforce management costs

Reduce your payroll costs

Increase Employee Productivity

Improve security in your office

Integrated Solution