Cheque Printing Software with Bank Manager

Key Features

Manage and monitor your bank on your finger tips.

Say good bye to hand written cheques.

No More Spelling Mistake

No Renewal Charges

AMC Available

General Features

Handle Unlimited Bank / Company Accounts

You can create multiple cheque books in the software to fit your different bank accounts.

It's supports multiple companies account.

You can set different workspaces for different companies and process the cheques separately

Smart, quick, error free Cheques

While issue manual cheque there are lots of issue like name of payee we have to check with spelling, amount in words also we have keep in mind that there is no mistake while writing amount in words, & none another than date sometime need to check in calender about day or date.

Our Software Eliminates Spelling Mistakes, Differences In Amount In Figure And Amount In Words

Maintain all records of your payee, Depositers, & Others

Organized Payee List allows you to load the payee information into the cheques with a single click.

This will help you to prepare your cheque even faster and easier.

Maintain all records of issue, deposit cheques

Once you issue cheque no need to remember, you can check anytime issuing cheque details.

While issuing a cheque you will get option like your cheque is Bearer, Account Payee or other.

User can also maintain history of deposited cheques.

Easy to Create PDC Cheques

No Need to worry about while issueing PDC cheques it automatically create bulk batches of your pdc cheques. For eg. if you want to give 11 PDC cheques to your lanlord then you have just enter number of pdc cheques and gap between cheques like in day or month or in year thats it. Software will automatically create pdc cheque on single click

Easy to generate & print EMI cheques even faster and easier

Maintain your cash transaction

Hey why you worried about cash transaction here is the solution, in this software you will maintain your cash transaction which is relate to your bank like issuing cash or deposited cash as per party. Hence you will get exact figure of balance that you have in bank.

Get Live Reminder of Issue or Deposited Cheques

Software Dashboard give you live reminder about your issuing cheque, deposited cheque, or PDC cheques.

Update Status of Issue or Deposited Cheques

You will also put status of your cheuqe like your Cheque is CLEARED, CANCELLED, OR BOUNCE.

Comprehensive Report

Issue Reports.

Depost Reports.

Bank Register.

All Report user can filter as per account & as per period (Daily, Monthly or Yearly)

Let's Check How to install techManager & How it's work