techLoan Assist


an Increases your productivity, lesser mannual work, keep prevailing with Loan Management.

It is the software for Broker who handles multiple loan from Landers side as well as from Borrower Side.

Customer data

  • Manage Customer data(Lender & Broker),Sub Level Customer Data


  • Manage groups of customer at the same time

Bank Details

  • Manage all bank details related to your customer

Loan Receipt

  • Easy to manage Loan Receipts of Borrowers & Lenders.


  • Manage Brokerage and Interest Bill.

Loan Return

  • Easy to manage the return loan payment


  • Manage Reports :TDS Report, Brokerage Report, Sub Brokerage Report, Loan(s) Report, Form 15 G / Form 15 H Report.


  • Various Setting option are given in each category.


  • Email your report directly from this software

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